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.What if Deep Throat was actually two teenage girls? That's the premise behind Dick, a sort of Clueless--meets--All the President's Men, due out in early August. According to the costume designer Deborah Everton (The Craft, Virus), director Andrew Flemming's sole mandate was: Let no seventies cliche go unexploited. Mission accomplished. Co-stars Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams handled 40 costume changes apiece. The clothes, many pulled from Hullabaloo, a vintage wholesaler with a Wal-Mart-size warehouse in St. Louis, chronicle every fashion phase of the Watergate era: Brady Bunch (plaid shirts, kneesocks), flower power (long dresses, hip huggers), and Mary Tyler Moore (wrap dresses, mega turtlenecks, pantsuits). The silhouette is tight, the fabrics are man-made, and the palette is psychedelic. There are lots of period accessories too, like Dr. School's sandals and jumbo belt buckles. "This is going to be a trip down memory lane for boomers," says Everton. "Who among us can say they didn't own a peace sign medallion?


Style Q & A: Dick

Dick's costume designer, Deborah Everton, tells you how to break into the wardrobing business. So, Deborah...

Q. What's a typical day on the job? -- Meredith

A. It's like being an anthropologist, exploring and researching the lives of the characters I'm dressing. I could be studying witchcraft for The Craft, or traveling the country in search of the perfect outfit for my latest project.

Q. Where did you find the awesome seventies clothing for Dick? Is it all vintage? -- Susan

A. First I studied lots of Seventeen magazines from that decade. The wardrobe for Michelle Williams' and Kirsten Dunst's characters came from a number of sources: from dead stock [never-worn vintage clothing] to outfits I had designed and created from scratch, like the colorful rainwear and flag-printed outfits. The only brand new item in the film was the girls' tights which I actually dyed to match their clothing.

Q. Did Kirsten and Michelle like wearing the crazy colorful clothing? -- KiKi

A. Kirsten was already into collecting '70s clothing, so she loved the stuff. Michelle initially thought the outfits were too childish and goofy, but she grew to love them.

Q. Any tips on how to get started as a costume designer? -- Lauren

A. Contact your local film commision and find out if any films are scheduled to be shot in your area, then apply for an internship. You can also look for wardrobing internships at your local TV station. Get involved in your school's drama department or volunteer at a nearby playhouse. Practice costuming by choosing a chapter from your favorite book and planning how you'd dress the characters.

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